Dealing With Celebrations

You are worried that the big celebration you are scheduled to attend will trigger chaotic eating.

This page will give you a practical set of tools you can use to deal with this situation. We can discuss in a session how exactly you are going to move forward.

Some of the information on this page is also found in this episode of my Eating Coach podcast Celebrate Without Overeating



Celebrations are challenging because they are an integral part of social bonding. Cavebrain loves communal eating.

Food is also how some people show love or alternatively try to manipulate us.

So HONOUR the struggle, and honour yourself for any success you have. Elevate it to a quest, your hero/ine’s journey. See episode one

Decide if your aim for the event is zero processed sugar or a moderate amount. If the latter, you need to get very specific, eg 5 dessert spoonfuls of any dessert.

If possible, exercise before the event in order to reduce your stress levels.

Take your own sugar free dessert if appropriate, for example the chocolate cake. DO NOT tell people it is sugar free until they have tasted it, otherwise they won’t eat it out of fear it will be tasteless (I have made THAT particular mistake many times!)

Eat slowly - cut food into smaller bites and play Beat The Clock Backwards

Eat a nutritional meal beforehand and have a smoothie with protein and healthy fat

Take replacement bars if necessary

REWARD - It is time to up the game if you have been using small rewards as part of Cravings Busters. This bigger challenge deserves a bigger reward. What do you only allow yourself a few times a year? The afternoon off? A manicure?

Think of all the effort and financial investment you have put into reclaiming your life from food. Think back to the times you have struggled but managed to walk away from the junk. How proud are you of those times? Really proud I am sure. Are you going to kick yourself in the teeth now?

Who can you identify that you can be a role model for when it comes to food? Imagine them (if it is a child, see them as a young adult) - play a mind movie of them saying no to junk all because of your positive influence on them.

Use text salvation - message me throughout the event

Get out of the venue for short periods of time if it feels too overwhelming.


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