Homeplay 51

Welcome to days 51 to 53 of homeplay for Adventures In Weight Loss


Over the next three days you are going to make any necessary preparations (and think of any more) for the experiment you created in the last homeplay. Be sure to take into account things like:

  • Do you need to clear any cupboards?
  • Do you need to plan your day better during this experiment to ensure the best possible result?
  • Are there are activities it’s best avoiding during the experiment, things that might trigger self sabotage?
  • Do you need to find an ‘accountability buddy’?
  • Do you need to let anyone else know?


Write a letter to Sabotage You. How do you feel about her or him? Vent your feelings, even if they feel uncomfortable.

It may help to review the journalling you did on days 18-20. Click here to see that homeplay again

You might also want to reply to this letter, as Sabotage You. (Leave it a day or so if necessary). When I did this, I was shocked at how angry my sabotage self was. She saw her role as protecting me, and I just wasn’t grateful. It was fascinating to see this previously invisible logic come out of the closet, and ultimately it has been one of the things that has led to permanent weight loss for me. These conversations are painful, but bringing such emotional forces into the light of your awareness will allow you to start dismantling them.

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