Homeplay 42

Welcome to days 42 to 44 of homeplay for Adventures In Weight Loss

cartwheelToxic Nutritional Beliefs

We are going to look at our last hidden fat trigger : Toxic Nutritional Beliefs.

A toxic nutritional belief is an idea that has become accepted wisdom (with the help of the diet industry) but indirectly keeps people overweight either because it’s bad nutrition or creates a stress response and is disempowering. For example :

• Fat in food makes me fat
• We are essentially calorie burning machines. To lose weight it all boils down to eat less, move more
• The harder you exercise, the more weight you’ll lose
• Artificial Sweeteners are a well – deserved treat

Look through some popular weight loss magazines and websites. Can you see any of these beliefs hidden behind the messages and adverts?

The only solution to toxic nutritional beliefs is research and experimentation

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