Homeplay 18

Welcome to days 18 to 20 of homeplay for Adventures In Weight Loss

cartwheelMeet Sabotage You

Day 18

First of all, you are going to journal about Sabotage You.

Write a title: Sabotage (and your name)

Describe her or him, really get to know them. This will be helpful when you experience self sabotage, because you can separate that part of you from the Queen/King part of you and therefore keep your motivation up.

For example:

Sabotage Harriet

She loves crisps and now that Queen Harriet has given up chocolate, Sabotage Harriet will do her best to finish any multipacks of crisps lying around.

Sometimes she succeeds as well. Sabotage Harriet is really angry about having to do abs exercises in front of the TV – why can’t she just sit down and be lazy?

What’s more, she ………………


On days 19 and 20, do some research on women you admire (or men if you are male). The aim is to find some powerful role models to allow you to move into your Queen or King.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few:

Queen Elizabeth 1                                                                   Stephen Fry

Rosa Parks                                                                              Nelson Mandela

Marianne Williamson                                                               Bill Gates

JK Rowling                                                                              Steve Jobs

Eleanor Roosevelt

Margaret Sanger

Helen Keller

(See also “The 100 Greatest Women of All Time” by Deborah G. Felder)

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