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Some Questions To Journal About…

Here are some questions to journal about. They are meant to start the process of reframing weight loss and challenging beliefs that you may have accepted, but do not serve you.

1.How long have you been trying to lose weight?

2.How often do you think about dieting/slimming methods etc?

3.Are these thoughts constructive/hopeful, or negative and overly self-critical?

4.Write down a list of every weight loss method you have ever tried. Now reframe those experiences as partnerships, where success is measured only by sustainable success (rather than it works, but I fell off the wagon, so I must be at fault). Give each method a mark out of 10 for how successful a partnership it was. For example, if you lost weight but regained it, you might give it a 3 as you had SOME success. You may want to journal about these experiences to gain greater clarity. Are there elements that you can still use? (eg the connection aspect of diet clubs)

I can’t wait to see you for our first coaching session, and to help you begin your adventure in weight loss.

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