Putting an Invisible Shield Between You and The Dessert Aisle  

Freedom from Sugar - The 14 Day Kickstarter

I wanted to give up sugar because of my lack of energy and my weight - it just made me feel bad (and guilty and ashamed). I had an all or nothing approach. Chocolate was my comfort - to deal with any situation I found myself in. Temptation was often too great to resist.

Since doing this programme, I have stopped giving my power away to sugar. I particularly loved the motivational videos. I do have the odd piece of chocolate, but I can leave most of a box whereas before I would have eaten the lot. I decided to make my easter egg a tiny cream egg instead of the usual big one I used to have – and ended up not even having that - amazing!

I also have lots more energy now and my diet is much healthier. And because I'm eating healthier, so is my family.

Northern Ireland

Harriet broke down the process of tackling my sugar addiction so I could do it in an effortless way, a day at a time. Her replacements made all the difference. I haven’t given it up completely, but cutting down on it has changed my life. It released a tidal wave of creativity and potential. I’ve left the financial hell I’d created and even manifested my own car. I have a better social life nowadays.

Alison Rowanna
Shropshire, UK


Online Only Programme

All materials, including Prep exercises, Cravings Busters, Replacement recipes and daily motivational Mindshifts

Online plus One-to-One Coaching

Everything in the Online programme


3 x 30 minute calls with Harriet at the beginning, middle and end of your 14 days. Before the first call, I will send you a questionnaire which will help identify potential areas for extra support. In this way, the course becomes more tailored to your needs.


Daily check ins (Monday - Friday) during the 2 weeks, plus your prep phase - up to a maximum of 3 weeks. I message or email you every day to check in on how you are doing. For some people, this will be the difference between giving into, and moving past their resistance.


Update 4.7.19: Please note that I am on holiday 20.7.19 - 4.8.19 when all coaching and check ins are put on hold. This means that if you choose the online programme plus coaching option, the 3 sessions will not happen on 3 consecutive weeks and there will be a break in check ins.





Online Programme + Coaching Add On Participant

Hi Harriet,

I’ve been planning to email you for some days to thank you for the ongoing support you provide in a very meaningful way through your FFS (Freedom From Sugar) programme, podcast and blog. I’m eight days into my second round of your 14 day FFS programme and, almost to my surprise, I’ve not yet had any serious difficulty in refusing any of the foods I committed to stop eating during FFS and I’m finding the whole process very empowering and rewarding.

I was a little apprehensive going into round 2 as we’ve been travelling for the past 6 days so irregular meal patterns, ever-present sugary junk food, holiday mindset and other challenges have been thrown into the mix.

Happily, the tools that worked so well during the first two weeks of FFS have made Round 2 much more manageable than I’d expected and I’m feeling much clearer and calmer mentally and physically with each passing week.

As we discussed, I’ve felt out of control around sugar for most of my life and have spent a lot of emotional energy over the years trying and failing to change that.

The principles of your approach make perfect sense to me and I really love the way that the mind shifts connect me with my own creativity, strategic thinking and playfulness. The replacements have also been an unexpected help, as they’ve taken away that sense of “all or nothing” that I’ve felt during many of my previous attempts to manage my sugar compulsion. I’ll keep you posted as I continue with the programme and if I have any specific questions or suggestions. In the meantime, thanks again for the fantastic work you do – you’ve helped me enormously already.

Online Programme + Coaching Add On Participant Australia

Harriet – I just wanted to say thank you for all of the support and helping me on my way to quitting sugar! I love the fact that the replacements feel like an actual treat.

This course has helped me learn to eat to be healthy and not even think about weight loss - having a focus on positive body image rather than a focus on trying to change the body.

Monica Stone
Burton Upon Trent, UK

Sugar has always affected me negatively: mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, and an inability to concentrate because I was so focused on the next sugary thing I was going to eat. Also, I felt anxiety because I felt like I was trapped in a prison of compulsive eating and didn't know how to get out at times.

I have given up desserts for 18 days now, and even though it is still a struggle each day, I am much happier. I can make the conscious effort not to get on that sugar rollercoaster. I really focus on how it will make me feel, more than how it would taste. I used to think that I couldn't give up desserts, because life would me miserable without them....now I finally realize that I was very wrong, and that actually life will be much better without them.

In the course, the Mindshifts and Cravings Busters were what really made me feel like I could give up the junk and be ok. I had never found anyone before that knew how I felt and what I was going through...it made me realize that I am not alone in my struggle.

I am just so grateful for your help!



I used to see sugar as a treat and it was my comfort. The price I paid was in the constant energy crashes, in between the sugar spikes. I remember the moment that I knew I had to make a change - I was eating a bowl of cereal in the middle of the night and I just thought “Enough!”

It is now about 6 weeks since I started Freedom From Sugar, and it has been quite easy to carry on after the initial 2 week stint. Although I am not 100% off sugar, it is now something I have only rarely, and last week at a meal out I actually gave most of my dessert to a friend.

I feel empowered that not only can I live mostly sugar-free, but that it is a stepping stone to great things to come in other aspects of my life. My favourite parts of the course were the Cravings Busters and the one-to-one coaching, which made me more accountable.