Freedom from Sugar 


Smoothie (Mocha or Chocolate)


updated 9.11.17

1 litre of milk (part replace with plain yoghurt if you like)

3-4 bananas

4 pears (if you don't use pears then double the bananas)

Optional -  strawberries to taste

1 cup of ground almonds

Half to 1 cup of protein powder (If you are just using almonds, double the quantity)

Optional: half a cup of cocoa if you want a chocolate smoothie

Optional: Replace 250ml of milk with coconut milk and/or yoghurt for a creamier flavour

Optional food flavouring eg orange or strawberry


Heat the pears and bananas in the milk. Just before boiling point, turn off the heat. If you come back to the pan 30 to 60 minutes later, the pears will be soft.


Place in a blender with all the other ingredients (or put all ingredients in the pan and blend with a stick blender) and blend til smooth.


IMPORTANT: You need to experiment with quantities and proportions to find the right taste for YOU. Treat this recipe as a starting point for your own perfect smoothie.


Freezes brilliantly. I usually make some on the weekend and freeze in the beakers then every night take one out to defrost for my breakfast next day.