Electrolyte Drinks

Electrolyte DrinksĀ 

A powerful strategy to reduce chaotic eating

One of the features of the stress response is that a huge amount of instant chemical changes take place instantly, including a shift from alkaline to acidic balance.
Electrolyte drinks put the body into an alkaline state, which helps take it out of the stress response (where it is more acidic). Electrolytes are highly absorbable minerals that get into your system fast.
Because chaotic eating requires you to be in stress, it follows that if you can reverse the acidic state this can help get you out of the stress response.
This is not a magic pill. For example if you are undernourished in protein and healthy fat, you’ll probably eat chaotically later on in the day. If you have deep reasons for this behaviour, a drink can’t tackle them.
Think of it as a powerful tool to use alongside the other strategies.
Types of drink to try
MISO BROTH – fresh or in paste or powder form. 1 teaspoon paste to one cup hot water.
Get from health food shops, or I have seen it in th health food section in supermarkets
JAPANESE TEA – bancha tea, or kukicha twig tea
Berry Greens Tea
although this has been discontinued, I included the link so you can recognise it.
How To Use It
Have some ready – take the powder or paste out with you if need be. As soon as you feel the urge to eat chaotically come one, drink straight away.

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