Eating Psychology Coaching For Men

Eating Psychology Coaching For Men

with Harriet Morris


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Are you sick of searching for the best solution to your issues with food and weight, only to find that everyone is just talking to women – or it’s all about six packs, protein shakes and muscle mass?


My name is Harriet Morris and I am a qualified eating psychology coach. I have been working with men since summer 2014 – in fact at present I have more male than female clients.


Eating psychology takes a different approach to weight and food issues than traditional diets or extreme detoxes. I work in the nutritional, psychological and lifestyle arenas to help client make permanent, sustainable changes to achieve their goals. I have developed 4 areas where I can do powerful work with clients, which I detail below.


Issues Affecting Men

In my sessions with male clients, these are some of the common areas that we work on and some of the questions I ask (these are not universal and do not apply to all men):



Is paleo really the perfect one-size-fits-all solution for you? What individual needs do you have that your diet is missing out on? What experiments can we do to identify these needs?


Career and Eating 
How is overeating an invisible way to underachieve? How can we challenge that? Are you doing your most purpose-driven work, and if not, how can we move you towards that goal? Are you happy with your career? Would it help you to take on aspects of being an alpha male, even if that’s not your personality type?


Body Image
Are you using harsh comparisons with movie stars and athletes as an easy way out of getting back into dating or being intimate with your partner? What small steps can you take to challenge this self-sabotage? How can you feel strong in your body even though you are an older man? Healthy vs unhealthy ways to build muscle.


Relationships/Sex and Eating
Is eating a replacement for sex? How can we realistically change this? Do we need to challenge your perceptions of what ‘all’ women want? Why should no six pack equal no intimacy? How to have a deeper, more fulfilling sex life so you no longer have to turn to food for physical satisfaction?


The Warrior
The warrior is a psychological archetype, in other words a way of showing up in the world. In what ways can you become more of a warrior? This does not mean become more physically aggressive or violent, but it may push you to up your game in ways that are uncomfortable. How to achieve this in a healthy way.


Real Role Models
What is a ‘real man’? Does he really have to look like Brad Pitt? How to be a true king and reign over your life. Filtering the unhelpful role models that culture offers to you as if you were a sheep. Defining what kind of man you want to be – realistically.

 The Shift Inside Coaching:

The 4 Paths To Take You from Struggle to Adventure

Path 1: Nutritional Changes
Which foods are creating havoc in your energy levels, bloating in your belly and overwhelming cravings in your brain? Which surprisingly simple nutritional tweaks at breakfast can prevent evening bingeing? We experiment to identify these, then work on the small steps needed to go beyond short term success and embed these changes as second nature.


Path 2: Lifestyle Changes 
In what ways is your lifestyle supporting your weight problem? Do you kow-tow to stress, believing it is just a fact of life? I go beyond superficial relaxation techniques and use stress as a tool to course correct your life. We look at ways to work smarter, not harder – and reclaim time to exercise. That’s exercise in a way that you truly enjoy, by the way. I can help you move through the challenges of your family, work and other factors in a way that empowers you – so that you no longer have to eat to deal with these issues. You use them as leverage to be yourself, only better.


Path 3: Stand Up To Sabotage You
If you haven’t yet achieved the weight you want, it’s ultimately down to one thing: Sabotage You. This is the part of your brain that orders you to overeat junk food on day 3 of your diet. It’s the energy within you that keeps paying the unused gym membership – or makes excuses not to go, telling you you’ll never be as fit as the guys who work out there. And it’s the reason so many millions yo-yo diet and regain their lost poundage. But here’s the thing: Sabotage You is not your enemy. He’s actually trying to help you – he doesn’t think you can deal with shapeshifting. This very knowledge allows you to lose the useless guilt you feel about constantly falling off the wagon.
The work we do here is about recognising and acknowledging Sabotage You – then finding (sometimes crafty ways!) to overrule him and prove to them you can maintain that new shape.


Path 4: Your Actions Can Change Your Beliefs
How would you like to be able to turn and walk away from the most tempting foods in the deli aisle, even if you have already decided to throw the towel in? I use simple neuroscience to show you how this is possible – if you don’t believe me, it’s because you are surrounded by people and a culture where willpower is seen as the only path to habit change. This is nonsense, and I can show you many curiosity-driven alternatives that tap into your rebel self. So even if Sabotage You is kicking up a fuss, even if lifestyle and nutritional changes feel impossible, I will work with you to embed the most important habits in the most doable way possible.


These 4 elements combine to take you from struggle to adventure – your own adventure in eating change. I can’t say how long it will take you, and it probably won’t be a smooth ride – but you can start feeling better about yourself – and empowered – straight away.

How Does It Work?

I have found that once a week coaching sessions alone are insufficient to create real, lasting change. I offer added email check-ins as a minimum add-on. Depending on the package, these are 3 times a week or daily. Premier coaching videos (daily short informational videos to support our work) and written or videoed summaries (of me talking, not a recording of our session) are also available.

Most clients work with me in one hour sessions face to face or by phone, Skype or Facetime. Depending on availability, I may have a maximum of two spaces for (almost) daily coaching – I have worked with one client for daily 20-minute Skype sessions. This option is for a more intensive approach, and can reap incredible results.


I’m In! – What Now?

I do not accept all clients – I need to talk with you to decide if we are a good fit. I do not want to waste your money or time.

Contact me at info (at) to arrange a 20-minute chat to see if I am the right fit for your needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

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