Daily Coaching


Daily coaching takes our work together to a whole new level.

This offers a very high level of support and accountability, to supercharge new habits that put success on autopilot.


Why Choose Daily Coaching Instead Of weekly Sessions?

* It is useful if you need help navigating potential problems on a daily basis. We can focus on upcoming eating challenges each day, set small and specific goals and devise strategies to deal with that dinner party or tough conversation with a friend that may lead you to eat chaotically. Then next session we reflect on those challenges. I often find that my role here is to pull out the positives that you as the client are ignoring – and indeed challenge any assumptions that are not serving you (these can range from harsh self-criticism to complacency).


* Daily coaching is also the most powerful tool I have ever experienced for developing those habits that take you out of struggle – whether you are working on slow eating, a 2-week elimination experiment for foods or non-eating skills such as becoming more assertive, growing your business, parenting or finding a relationship. By getting to the heart of these issues, we reduce the need for you to deal with them by overeating.



Daily coaching is more intensive than weekly sessions. We cover more ground in greater depth. Although 5 or 6 twenty minute sessions adds up to a maximum of 2 hours, the work we do is far more than double that of a weekly session – the potential is there for greater results, but with a greater effort on your part. It takes you to a whole new level of connecting to your innate power. As such, it requires greater commitment and is priced at a higher value. In addition to this, I only ever offer this to a maximum of two clients – so this may not be available right now.
I always encourage clients who are interested in daily coaching to try the 5 taster sessions initially, to determine if it is right for them. There are no right or wrongs here – everything depends on your needs and if this solution meets those needs.


How it works

20 minute sessions, booked in advance in a block of 20. Flexibility is built in: we agree session times in advance – however there is a shared understanding that either of us can:
*  take days off when other commitments take priority
*  cancel with 24 hours notice given


As the client you must expect that I will take 1 or 2 days off a week as a matter of course – however I can be flexible about this. Please read the information on cancellations and Internet connection below.


A taster block of 5 sessions is available if you wish to try it out before committing to 20 sessions.



I offer 2 levels of daily coaching (see below for the taster 5 sessions)


Standard Daily Coaching

Twenty x 20 minute sessions


A 20% discount ($560) applies if you book 40 sessions


Premier Daily Coaching

Twenty x 20 minute sessions

plus daily premier coaching videos

plus personalised weekly video or written summaries of our sessions


A 20% discount ($1,000) applies if you book 40 sessions 


What are daily premier coaching videos and personalised summaries?
* Daily Premier Coaching Videos – these are 3 – 5 minute videos sent to you every day, that each cover 1 aspect of eating psychology. They might be inspirational, motivating or very practical – and often all three!
* Personalised  weekly  video or written summaries of our sessions (you choose which). These are a great way to both remind you of the important discoveries and A-Ha moments you will experience every week, and also allow you to acknowledge progress when you look back on previous weeks’ summaries. I find that clients can often lose track of just how far they’ve come and a record like this is a powerful way to weaken Sabotage You’s influence.
* Option to have the summaries on a private page on theshiftinside.com, accessible to you only. All videos will be password-protected.
Unsure if daily coaching is right for you? Book a taster block of five sessions to find out.


Taster Block of 5 Sessions

If you are not sure whether this way of working is for you, I offer a taster block of five premier level sessions for $350, which includes 5 daily videos and a personalised video or written summary on your own private page on the website.


What If I Need To Cancel Or My Internet Is Down?

Either of us is free to cancel any session with 24 hours’ notice.
If you cancel within 24 hours, the session is charged for.
If I cancel within 24 hours, we will rebook the session AND I will give you an extra session free of charge.
Sometimes Skype or FaceTime breaks down when we are due to have a session – or during the session. When this happens, I will try to call you again on whichever video platform we are using. If that fails, I will ring your landline or UK mobile if you have one. Please note I am unable to ring a cell/mobile number outside the UK.
If I cannot reach you on the internet or your landline (or you have no landline), we agree to postpone the call (or add the lost minutes onto the following call). You will not be charged extra in this instance.

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