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This is the page for general client updates about holidays and other changes that affect you.



No check ins next week

Week commencing Mon 26 August - I am away Tues lunchtime til Thurs night. There will be no check ins on Wednesday or Thursday that week as I have no idea if there is any signal, etc

Sessions available Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun

I am continuing to offer Sunday sessions in September


Exciting news - in just over a week, The Body Confidence Project will be available for all of you to go through if you are interested. This has been and continues to be transformative for both myself and clients who have tried out some of the exercises. 

It will be a series of daily emails with links to video, audio and written content. Highly practical. The aim is to get any woman to accept her body in less than a month.

If you have female friends or relatives who are interested, I am offering this FOC. I will need to have short 15 min Zoom chat with them if so - just to secure some commitment because I want feedback from them.

Here is the page describing the BCP in more detail and instructions on how to take part. Feel free to pass this link on:


Some ideas on managing chaotic eating urges and keeping up motivation while there are no sessions or check ins:

See this page

I want to especially recommend the idea of  audio recording how you feel as a way to discharge compulsive urges/cravings. You tell yourself that you can have the five minutes - but first get your phone out and record your feelings into a voice notes app. Both I and other clients have found this incredibly good at stopping the compulsion in its tracks.



  • The 6 main offenders in virtually every health food store
  • 42 other 'fake healthy' sweeteners
  • The 'health' drink that is more harmful than Coke
  • Which alternatives are OK in moderation
  • Why you should avoid artificial sweeteners
  • all on 1 handy page to print and stick on your fridge

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