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*Are you fed up with being at the mercy of your sugar or junk food addiction?
*Sick of never using that gym membership?
* Know that you’d feel better about yourself if only you could just do that ONE THING consistently?

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How would you like to be able to change, eliminate or build
any habit over 30 days, with almost daily support and accountability from a coach who has used habit change to transform her own life and is now devoted to helping others do the same?

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If so, you’ve come to the right place. All of these very real problems come down to one thing: habit change. The woman whose default response to stress is a family bag of crisps and the one who runs that stress off have something in common – they have both trained their brains to automatically respond to stress. The difference is that the runner has just chosen a response that serves her.

Eliminating,changing or building a new habit takes effort.

You know that.

What you don’t know is that this effort is TEMPORARY. Once you have retrained your brain, it learns that the new response is the easiest thing to do – and makes it automatic. Our brains are always looking for shortcuts so we can use our decision-making thinking for dealing with new information, like how to learn that programme work has just installed on your computer, or deal with your kids’ latest behaviour challenges, or take on a promotion at work.

How can I be so sure you don’t know this effort is temporary? Because if you did truly grasp that there will come a point in every healthy habit change where you transition from effort to instinctive response, you’d carry on to that point. I call it the effortless tipping point.

It’s not your fault that you give up before you reach the effortless tipping point. The world around you is constantly showing you false evidence that it can never be reached. The health and weight loss industry is full of magic pill merchants peddling easy solutions to entrenched problems, then when you hit the natural roadblocks and start self-sabotaging, you say “Well, I must be a willpower weakling. Or this diet doesn’t work (to be fair, the dieting one often a correct conclusion). I’m so terrible, I may as well throw in the towel in the deli aisle, or the wine bar, or in an 11pm trip to the fridge.”

It’s highly likely that the reason you haven’t yet changed that habit is you don’t know yet how to deal effectively with the very natural roadblocks everyone encounters during habit change.

This is where I can help you.

Who Am I & What Gives Me The Right To Think I Can Help

Harriet Morris

You Change That One Thing?

My name is Harriet Morris and I am an eating psychology coach, speaker and author, one of only a handful of practitioners in the UK trained by The Institute For The Psychology Of Eating.

I have myself escaped the prison of sugar addiction, as well as successfully giving up gluten and significantly reducing my dairy and caffeine consumption. I have gone from barely exercising to absolutely loving my (almost daily) speed walks and 30 minute abs and hand weights sessions.

All this I achieved by turning habit change from drudgery to a curiosity-driven adventure.

As a result of these changes I have more energy than any other adult I know, I sleep better, my PMT has gone from out of control mumzilla to barely noticeable, my skin is better, I am less bloated, I have shed weight and vastly reduced my mood swings. I can focus better and I have changed career to do the thing that I love and that I’m best at: helping men and women dismantle their eating problems and reclaim their lives.


What’s Included In The

Change One Thing & Change Your Life 


* Initial one hour session – in this time we discuss which habit you wish to change or embed into your life. We identify both the benefits and challenges here. Understanding your personal challenges will help me focus on practical ways to help you get under the radar of your own self sabotage on a daily basis. I also identify your individual success triggers, which most people are not aware of – an untapped and extremely powerful source of change.

* Personalised action plan – within 24 hours you get an individual written action plan for the next 30 days. Bye bye to overly generalised and unsustainable notions such as ‘willpower’ and hello to strategies tailored to what personally motivates you, how to change your environment to help you succeed, and more.

* 3 more 45 minute sessions spread over the month

* 17 x 5 minute check ins by Skype or phone (or email if talking is not possible) over the month. This breaks down to 4 a week on top of the longer sessions, meaning you will have my personal attention 5 days a week. Check ins will be arranged at a mutually convenient time of the day for both of us. My experience with clients shows me that the support and accountability of daily check ins is the most powerful way to help change habits I’ve ever come across.¬†

* What’s Next? personalised report at the end of the 30 days. I give you a toolbox of powerful sustainability strategies that will make all your hard work pay off long term as you make the transition from the daily effort required to embed the new habit to the no-effort automatic “it’s easy” state…. The effortless tipping point. You know what I mean? When you see people who have never had your gym resistance, your sugar addiction or your over reliance on wine – the 30 day change intensive is the springboard and these sustainability strategies are the path to that state of effortless achievement.

You too can be one of those people.

What Does It Cost?
66% Discount until 15th November 

IMPORTANT: The habit change intensive programme is a very high value and powerful month. It requires that both you and I put our all into achieving the results you deserve. It is not open to everyone – if you are interested you must apply.

First, let’s look at what this coaching is worth.

1 hour plus 3 x 45 minutes sessions at my rate of £125 an hour

17 x Skype/phone check ins

Personalised action plan

Personalised What’s Next? Report at the end

Total value £778

I am launching the Change One Thing & Change Your Life programme¬†in January 2016. However, for successful ‘road tester’ applicants¬†I am offering the programme at ¬£249 until 15th November – a saving of 66%.

Places are very limited, because this type of coaching requires a significant commitment and energy input from me.

I’m interested. What do I do?

Your first step is to apply here

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