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2 Min Video: This CAN’T Be True

If I asked you when you start burning the calories in anything you eat, I bet your answer would be anything except ‘before it enters your mouth’, right? In this 2 minute video I am going to prove this counterintuitive fact is actually true.

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Video: Does Calorie Counting Work?

Does calorie counting actually work – and if not, what are the limitations? Have you ever wondered why it is millions are chained to their calorie charts, and yet these same millions fail to shed the poundage permanently. Is there something going on here? Free online video series 3 Ways to End Stress Eating * […]

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The Fringe Benefits Of Stupidity

I was online the other day when this caught my eye: No need to bother getting the kids’ new school uniform next week then, eh? Seriously, there’s a bit of gold in this insane scaremongering. What if you really did only have a short time left to enjoy on this planet? I’m sure you can […]

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Video: Weight Loss Wisdom from a 6 Year Old

Weight Loss Wisdom…from a 6 Year Old In this 4-minute video I share a lesson I learnt from my 6 year old, who is not trying to shed weight but grappling with one of the great challenges of childhood. Watch to find out what I mean… Get your free online video series – no need to visit […]

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Video: What’s The Right Diet For You?

My Review of What’s The Right Diet For You? In this video I review the first part of the Horizon documentary series of early 2015. Below this review I have posted all 3 episodes of the documentary.       free video course The 3 Mindtools of Lifelong Weight Loss Created by Eating Psychology Coach Harriet […]

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Video: The Psychology of Successful Weight Loss

In this week’s 3 minute video I talk about a specific aspect of the psychology of success that can be applied to weight loss – although it might not seem like that at first glance! I think it’s a far more realistic way to approach change than slavishly following someone else’s recipe for success.

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Video: Emergency Fat Loss

This week I was sent an article that contained a fundamental error which is responsible for 99% diets backfiring and piling the pounds ON. Watch this short video to find out what that error is.You may not like what you hear – but sometimes that’s the most powerful message of all… free video course The […]

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How Often Should I Weigh Myself?

Daily Weigh Ins: Yes or No? Should you weigh yourself daily? or even weekly, for that matter? The short answer: Only you can decide. The long answer: The truth is that there is a far more useful question to ask to find out what’s right for you. Read on, and all will be revealed. Last […]

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