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It’s The Lockdown Retreat. EH?!?

Yes! A retreat during lockdown. What’s THAT about? Never fear, for the Eating Coach is here… One week 7 fun & thought-provoking sessions on managing your eating in lockdown Small group coaching sessions 1 bonus one-to-one session     Find out more about the retreat here:   What is Cavebrain? page  

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Men and Binge Eating

Today I discuss the specific reasons men binge eat as opposed to women, as well as the distinct solutions that I have seen work with my male clients. Subscribe to This Podcast in… because not every episode is published here on the blog Shownotes *Quote of The Week* …comes from Marc David, founder of […]

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Can Changing Your Diet Heal Your Depression? With Joan Sotkin

“The fact that I wasn’t depressed anymore was to me the most amazing thing”: From Suicidal Depressive to Dynamic Septuagenerian   Shownotes *Stupid Idea of The Week* ….is the idea that changing the language of the diet industry with no mindshifting makes any difference whatsoever to the misery it is inflicting on millions. *Main section* In […]

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Audio: The Easter Survival Kit For Chocoholics (EC 41)

Ah yes – Easter. Or should that be Eatster?!? The carnival of compulsion, the festival of blood sugar spikes where rides on the sugar rollercoaster are always free. Except they’re not, are they??? Let’s see how we can navigate all this. Shownotes *Stupid Idea of The Week* The Fringe Benefits of Stupidity – […]

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