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1 Min Video: Easter Egg Guilt

In this one minute video, I explain how the guilt many people feel over their chocolate consumption at Easter is as inappropriate as the disappointment they might feel if they ever tried to buy and move into a new house all on the same day. Dismantling Your Resistance – Coming Soon to Your Inbox Watch […]

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Addict And Proud Of It

  I am a sugar addict – and proud of it. I am not your usual sugar addict though . I can walk down the dessert aisle with zero desire, as if an invisible wall has sprung up between me and the (previously all-consumingly addictive) junk. Since July 2012 I have eaten chocolate twice and […]

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How To Give Up Sugar In Tea and Coffee

When you wonder how to give up sugar in tea and coffee, the real question you are asking is: How can I give up sugar in my drinks without feeling deprived? Imagine now there was a pill you could take that would take away your deprivation. I am not talking about artificial sweeteners. They fool […]

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