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Audio: Real VS Fake Pleasure

Is it possible to dismantle your eating issues without living in misery-fuelled deprivation for the rest of your life? YES – but to achieve this, you need to understand the difference between real and fake pleasure.   Shownotes *Stupid Idea of The Week* From the annals of the history of diet literature comes this episode’s […]

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Audio: How Sugar Hijacks Your Brain (EC4)

In today’s podcast I explain why sugar is so addictive. It’s not your willpower that is lacking – those little white granules have hijacked your brain.    The sugar episode. I lived under the shadow of sugar for almost three decades. I got my exit visa from sugar hell five years ago. Scratch that – […]

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Audio: Fasting: Yes or No?

Fasting has a great reputation in the wellness industry, whether it be water or juicefasting. But is is a step too far for food compulsives? Shownotes  Q: What is worse for you than drinks laced with processed sugar, but has a better reputation than the Dalai Lama teaching Mother Theresa to meditatate? A: Fruit juice. […]

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Podcast: How To Stop Sugar Cravings (EC20)

Shownotes In this week’s Eating Coach radio show (podcast), we reframe your overwhelming cravings with the help of Einstein and a pink elephant. No willpower necessary. I guarantee this reframe of your overwhelming urge for sugar (or any junk) will be liberating. *Stupid Idea Of The Week* This drives me mad. When people use images […]

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1 Min Video: Easter Egg Guilt

In this one minute video, I explain how the guilt many people feel over their chocolate consumption at Easter is as inappropriate as the disappointment they might feel if they ever tried to buy and move into a new house all on the same day. Dismantling Your Resistance – Coming Soon to Your Inbox Watch […]

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