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To give up or not give up sugar: that is the question! Blog posts about my relationship with this powerful substance, as well as sweeteners

Coronavirus Panic Lessons For Binge Eating (Podcast EC 139)

Yes! It’s a surprisingly cheerful podcast episode about Coronavirus. What?!? Starring toilet roll panic buying, Cavebrain and one kick-ass bride…   Subscribe to This Podcast in… …because not every episode is published here on the blog Shownotes The state of panic that surrounds Coronavirus has some surprisingly useful hidden lessons to help you deal with […]

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6 Years Sugar-Free

Is it really possible to move beyond the one month detox and make sugar-free a permanent thing? On the week that I celebrate my 6th anniversary being 95% free of processed sugar, I give you 5 key ideas that have really made the difference for me . Plus an interview with Lori Massicot from the […]

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How To Give Up Chocolate, Cake and Desserts

The question you are really asking when you reluctantly and with a deeply furrowed brow say this to yourself is this: How can I give up chocolate, cakes and desserts without feeling deprived?  Imagine now there was a pill you could take that would take away your cravings for all things pudding. No deprivation. Desserts […]

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Video: Is Sugar The New Tobacco?

I made this video over 2 years ago, but it’s more relevant than ever today with the recent wave of ‘sugar is evil’ hype that is currently sweeping Britain (and indeed most of the western world). Reducing sugar has changed my life, but there is a very specific way to do it…. Free online video […]

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Video: Aduna Moringa Health Bar Review

In this video, I give my review of the Aduna Moringa health bar: what’s good and not so good about it… Free online video series 3 Ways to End Stress Eating * How to turn your self sabotage on its head * A practical way to walk away from even the most intense stress-fuelled cravings […]

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Video: Coke Life Review

As the chief rabblerouser of the I hate artificial sweeteners club, I was intrigued to see that Coca Cola have brought out a stevia-based version of Coke. In this video I tell you my opinion. Is it any good? What about aftertaste? Is it really as pure as it’s being made out to be? free […]

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