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Video: Aduna Moringa Health Bar Review

In this video, I give my review of the Aduna Moringa health bar: what’s good and not so good about it… Free online video series 3 Ways to End Stress Eating * How to turn your self sabotage on its head * A practical way to walk away from even the most intense stress-fuelled cravings […]

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Lessons From The Apprentice

As a rule, I loathe television. Or, to be more precise, people’s reliance on it as the number one leisure time activity/think-for-yourself substitute. OK, OK…I will confess my one televisual guilty pleasure: The Apprentice. BTW this is the British version, so we have not the glossy Trump version with added hairpiece included – no, this […]

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Why I Won’t Stand Up To Cancer On October 17th

I have lost three people to cancer, so it’s something that is always hanging around my consciousness – especially as two of them were my age. So anything that raises awareness in this area has to be a good thing – doesn’t it? Have a look at this ad for the upcoming ‘Stand Up To […]

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