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3 Min Read: How Gurus Lie

There is a very profitable lie that many gurus in the world of personal development and health tell. It comes packaged as a formula for success, the key to helping you change your life: STEP 1: Self-styled guru prescribes any combination of the following: self-belief, persistence, determination, thinking big, willpower, follow your dream, follow your passion, […]

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1 Min Video: Can Caffeine Kill You?

…Is the wrong question. Really. In this one minute video, I talk about the misunderstanding around caffeine that the tragic death of Davis Allen Cripe in April 2017 has highlighted. Yes, But Can We Really Control Stress? There are 2 kinds of stress: acute stress (immediate danger: save your child from under the car; run […]

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2 Min Read: Why Fitspiration Has Got It All Wrong

NEWSFLASH! ‘There has been a momentous shift in thinking about women’s bodies…Women have got fed up with starving themselves to size zero’ …so proclaims Sally Williams in an article in this weekend’s Times magazine (29.10.16) Really? The new standard of airbrushed perfectionism is no longer skinny.  it is, apparently, strong. Weight lifting, squats and ab […]

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4 Min Video: How To Motivate Yourself

In this short video, I give you an unusual way to motivate yourself with any new way of eating, be it a detox, fast or the latest answer to paleo. Continue your journey of discovery today by getting your free video series 10 Ways To End Binge Eating and start challenging your own outdated toxic […]

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Stop HFTBing

I have a terrible habit, one that basically destroys one working day out of every 20. I am a natural lark, which means that come 9pm when the kids have gone to bed, my energy often takes a nosedive, especially in these grim and dark Novembers we get every year in Britain. The thing is, […]

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Video: A Priceless Question

Today’s 2 minute video comes from Jeff Bezos – you may have heard of him. He owns a little online shop called Amazon. I LOVE what he says because he has come up with a very simple formula to get you to prioritise what’s important in life. The point for eating psychology? I’ll explain below. […]

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