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Podcast: Overwhelming Force? (EC 52)

A useful – but flawed – way to achieve your health goals. Shownotes *Funny Article of The Week* …comes from The Daily Mash. *Main section: Overwhelming Force* I discuss the above-named article and its benefits – as well as shortcomings for us in reclaiming our lives from food. “Instead of merely dipping your […]

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Audio: The Failure Olympics (EC32)

How one insane race can help free you from binge eating. The Barkley Marathons is regarded as one of the toughest endurance races on the planet. Why do I call it The Failure Olympics, and why does it offer a counterintuituve escape from failure? Even if – especially if you have about as much desire […]

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Audio: It’s Never Just One Thing (EC 24)

In today’s podcast episode, I take two very different books that explain weight and eating issues, and put this issue down to one thing. Can we be so reductionist? I don’t think so – but listen to this episode and learn how to get the best out of everything you read. Shownotes In this week’s […]

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Audio: Fasting: Yes or No?

Fasting has a great reputation in the wellness industry, whether it be water or juicefasting. But is is a step too far for food compulsives? Shownotes  Q: What is worse for you than drinks laced with processed sugar, but has a better reputation than the Dalai Lama teaching Mother Theresa to meditatate? A: Fruit juice. […]

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3 Min Read: How Gurus Lie

There is a very profitable lie that many gurus in the world of personal development and health tell. It comes packaged as a formula for success, the key to helping you change your life: STEP 1: Self-styled guru prescribes any combination of the following: self-belief, persistence, determination, thinking big, willpower, follow your dream, follow your passion, […]

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