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Podcast: Is Cheese Addictive? (EC 56)

Is cheese addictive? As for so many foodstuffs, scientists cannot agree. If however, you feel compulsive around Wallace and Gromit’s favourite snackable, this episode has some ideas to help navigate yet another minefield of confusion in the world of nutrition. Shownotes *Stupid Idea of The Week* “The huge online gaming craze Fortnite is […]

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Podcast: Overwhelming Force? (EC 52)

A useful – but flawed – way to achieve your health goals. Shownotes *Funny Article of The Week* …comes from The Daily Mash. *Main section: Overwhelming Force* I discuss the above-named article and its benefits – as well as shortcomings for us in reclaiming our lives from food. “Instead of merely dipping your […]

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Audio: The Easter Survival Kit For Chocoholics (EC 41)

Ah yes – Easter. Or should that be Eatster?!? The carnival of compulsion, the festival of blood sugar spikes where rides on the sugar rollercoaster are always free. Except they’re not, are they??? Let’s see how we can navigate all this. Shownotes *Stupid Idea of The Week* The Fringe Benefits of Stupidity – […]

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