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Fantastic Body Confidence (and Where To Find It)

This weekend I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. (Don’t worry, this post is entirely free from spoilers). As we were coming out of the cinema, one of my friends commented “I really like what they did with the fat guy”. See if you can spot him here in the trailer: […]

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2 Min Read: Why Fitspiration Has Got It All Wrong

NEWSFLASH! ‘There has been a momentous shift in thinking about women’s bodies…Women have got fed up with starving themselves to size zero’ …so proclaims Sally Williams in an article in this weekend’s Times magazine (29.10.16) Really? The new standard of airbrushed perfectionism is no longer skinny.  it is, apparently, strong. Weight lifting, squats and ab […]

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Video: A Slice of Impossible

In this video you’ll see the impossible: people actually seeing themselves as they are, rather than what Critical Bitch FM (the radio station playing in 99% of people’s heads…more about that below) are telling them. It’s 3 minutes of challenging, liberating, out of the box genius. What Is Critical Bitch FM anyway? Critical Bitch FM is the radio […]

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Video: Body Image Revolution!

I made this video as a response to the gathering momentum that is happening around greater body confidence: from normal-sized Barbie dolls to Net A Porter telling designers to bring out bigger sizes to ‘plus-sized’ supermodels teaching teenage girls how to be more comfortable in their shape…

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