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The Body Confident Project – Podcast

The Body Confident Project Is it possible for any woman to start to accept and even like her body and appearance in less than a month? This is the question that sparked a life-changing exploration for me and others. Find out more in this podcast:     Subscribe to This Podcast in… …because not every […]

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The Feel AMAZING Challenge (EC 39)

Watch that your earbuds don’t burn off with the heat of this week’s show! Yes, it is the the (ever so slightly bonkers) chilli challenge – and this is the woman who – up until last summer – would no more eat spicy food than retrain as an astrophysicist . I also talk about body […]

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Audio: Escaping The Comparison Trap (EC37)

It’s movie time (again!). In this week’s Eating Coach podcast I use a film to look at how comparing ourselves to others can worsen not only our body image but binge eating.     Shownotes *Quote of The Week* …is from Anais Nin: “And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a […]

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Audio: The Celebrity Body Thought Experiment (EC 25)

Today I have a thought experiment for you: what would really happen if you could instantly have the perfect, movie-star ready body of your dreams? And some ways that can actually start to like your body more. Shownotes *Stupid Idea of The Week* Not one, but a whole host of stupid ideas, courtesy of my […]

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Podcast: Hollywood Body Image Rebels (EC 14)

Body Confidence Film Special   Shownotes In this week’s Eating Coach radio show (podcast), we look at four characters from film and TV whose body shape defies the “norm” in one way or another, and how they can help us all feel more at ease in our own skin. *Stupid Idea of The Week* And […]

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Fantastic Body Confidence (and Where To Find It)

This weekend I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. (Don’t worry, this post is entirely free from spoilers). As we were coming out of the cinema, one of my friends commented “I really like what they did with the fat guy”. See if you can spot him here in the trailer: […]

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