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Audio: Normal = Mediocre

It’s time to own our abnormality! In today’s show, I want to fight the oft-repeated phrase I just want to be normal. Whether they are talking about their eating, or their personality, I believe that there is no normal. Let’s explore this.   Shownotes *Stupid Idea of The Week* There just seems to be no end […]

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The Myth of Willpower

Willpower is a myth. So are determination, perseverence and any other empty motivational buzzwords that supposedly account for success. The only reason anyone ever achieves any challenging goal – be it weight, eating, financial or anything they care about – is because they learn to override their inner resistance. There are many reasons why we […]

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Binge Eating Is A Job You Hate

Love and sex agony uncle Dan Savage recently compared coming out as gay to being fired from a job you hate. Savage says that publicly owning your true sexuality is often as hard as being sacked in the short term, but in the long term it is a huge liberation in the same way as […]

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