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In your work as a personal stylist, have you ever heard any of these complaints from clients:

*No way am I wearing anything like that until I’ve lost weight

*Nothing looks any good on me

*I can’t get away with that!

If so, I can help. My name is Harriet Morris and I am an Eating Psychology Coach and Amazon author. Although my harrietmorrisdirectoryclients come to me for help with permanent, no-diet weight loss, I can help with a range of related issues such as energy, confidence, mood and – most importantly for your clients – body image. The strategies I use with clients offer a powerful way to transform their self image in a world where body dissatisfaction is the norm.

What Is Eating Psychology?

Eating psychology starts from the understanding that our thoughts and emotions affect the body. If you’ve ever had butterflies in your stomach, then you have experienced this. What most people don’t understand is just how much the mind affects the body.

How I Can Help Your Clients

I see three main ways I could provide an add-on to your services. (If you can suggest more, please let me know. You are the expert in helping your clients).

These are:

1. Sustainable Weight Loss

This means helping client tune out all the ‘magic pill’ promises of the diet industry: unsustainable weight loss tactics that always backfire and ultimately pile the pounds back on. I help clients replace these methods with work on long term habit change and empowering themselves to shapeshift into the person they know they can be. The fantastic news is that once new habits are embedded in someone’s mind (which takes 1 to 2 months if the client truly commits), life becomes much, much easier for them. These are a mixture of techniques I learnt in my training with The Institute For The Psychology Of Eating and self-created strategies I used  to lose 3 stone (over 40lb) myself: the greatest fortieth birthday present a woman can give herself 🙂

2. Building Body Confidence

Here we work on dismantling body hatred – at any size. I get clients to see that the path to the body they crave must be paved with acceptance. It’s all about getting them to decouple their sense of self from the unattainable Photoshop ideal they are currently comparing themselves to every time they look in the mirror. This is not just idealistic waffle, but a reality I live every day. I love my body, with all its flaws.

Watch this video for a sense of how I inspire my clients to improve their body image:


3. Life Challenges

Often the wardrobe your client desires for their new career is not their only need as they up their game (of life). Someone recovering from cancer, or dealing with an abusive past childhood may be tempted to hide away from the world, when in fact a deeper part of them is calling them to step out and be a role model for others in similar situations.

These challenges are often expressed through eating issues and body disconnection. It is my guess that working with you may trigger discomfort around these issues (hence the complaint “I cant wear that til Ive lost the weight”). One of my roles is to get to the heart of the matter, and help them turn what might seem like an immovable mountain into a powerful trigger for empowerment and helping them find their true purpose in life.

Working Together

I hope you can see what a powerful add-on eating psychology is to the service you offer. I am also very interested in being able to refer my clients to a personal stylist – so we could have a mutually beneficial working relationship. I have clients both in the UK and abroad.

You can meet me ‘virtually’ by getting my free video course (see below) or watching my video blogs here 

…Or check out my books by visiting my Amazon author page

How It Works

When you refer a client to me, you receive £100 for the first block booking of 5 or more sessions a client books with me (once payment has been received from them). I am also looking to develop a high end total life makeover coaching programme, and I would like to be able to offer personal styling as part of this. I am open to ideas about this, so let’s have a chat soon!

If this is something that interests you, get in touch with me here

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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