A Liberating Question (Video)

…Now when I ask myself that question, I feel as if I’m going forward because at least I have a focus – a focus on what I actually want to create. If you combine that focus with the knowledge that food is just a symptom, and that the real action in changing your life is […]

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Matt Damon Weight Loss (Video)

What has Matt Damon got to teach us about weight loss? Watch this scene from Good Will Hunting and then I’ll tell you… The point here is that Will (played by Damon), the maths genius, is cocky, full of himself and starts out able to cut any ideas that his therapist (Robin Williams) has down […]

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Lessons From A Bottletop

One of my favourite episodes of the old sitcom Cheers is where Sam, the recovering alcoholic bar owner, lends his lucky bottle top to a young baseball player in a slump. Long story short – the player loses the bottle top. This is more disastrous than it seems when it turns out that the bottle […]

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