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It’s episode 100! With over 100,000 downloads, I take one hour look back at some of my favourite moments of The Eating Coach podcast and have a couple of giveaways for you at the end. I have gone for a mix of main episodes, Stupid Ideas of The week and Saturday Questions: thoughtful challenge, deep and meaningful moments and humour.

Every episode I have used is linked to in the resources below, in order.


The giveaway mentioned has now ended.

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Giveaway #2 –  For everyone – Relaxation audio :


Here are the episodes mentioned in order:

#1 The Maple Syrup Diet was from ep 14:

#2 Why Is Bread So Addictive? (ep 53)

#3 Lori Massacot is speaking in episode 59: Six Years Sugar-Free

#4 How Sugar Hijacks Your Brain (ep 4)

#5 The Shangrila Diet (ep 15)

#6 Normal = Mediocre episode –

#7 The Failure Olympics (ep 32)

#8 Describing The Ideal was from ep 18 –

#9 Cavebrain (ep35) –

#10 Me Too (ep 19) –

#11 Brian Wong (ep 65) –


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