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Podcast: Overwhelming Force? (EC 52)

A useful – but flawed – way to achieve your health goals. Shownotes *Funny Article of The Week* …comes from The Daily Mash. *Main section: Overwhelming Force* I discuss the above-named article and its benefits – as well as shortcomings for us in reclaiming our lives from food. “Instead of merely dipping your […]

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Podcast: Why Are Some Foods Just So Addictive? (EC 51)

The question with two answers. In this third part of my series on addiction, I tackle the question of why some foods are just so addictive….or as I want to rephrase it, just why is it so easy to feel compulsive about certain foodstuffs? Shownotes *Quotes of The Week* …all about smoking. […]

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Audio: The 27 Club (EC50)

In this short standalone episode in this series on addiction, I talk about The 27 Club – what it is, and what lessons it has for not just anyone wanting to reclaim their lives from food, but to dismantle ANY addiction. I present the two reasons that I think The 27 Club […]

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Podcast: Is Food Addiction A Thing? (EC 49)

Is the term Food Addiction actually a real thing? Can we class it in the same league as drug and alcohol addiction, hoarding and so on? Does it even matter what language you use?   Shownotes *Podcast of The Week* I am loving How To Be A Girl, the audio diary of one mother raising her […]

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Audio: Masquerade and The Treasure Hunt To Reclaim Your Life From Food (EC 47)

It’s story time! Unlike poor Jack Hare from Masquerade, you have multiple opportunities every day to reclaim your life from binge eating, sugar addiction and compulsive eating. Find out how here… Shownotes   *Quote Of The Week* Life doesn’t happen to you – it happens through you – Joan Sotkin *Main section: Masquerade […]

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Audio: Binge-Proof (EC 46)

Today I have not a magic pill, but a key concept that will help you binge-proof your mind. Want to stop that compulsive eating self-sabotage? Listen in. There is an F word – but not what you are thinking! I’m talking about failure – and using it for a very specific purpose that actually fuels success. […]

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