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I’m delighted that you are interested in this programme. However, there are two important

Harriet Morris

       Harriet Morris

points to be clear about right from the start:

  1. It is absolutely not for everyone. The rewards are indeed life-changing because you discover within yourself strengths you never knew you had, and realise you can overshoot your potential. If you can change this thing, you can change many other things in your life. This is amazing, but many people do not actually wish to access this potential. For many, it is easier to stay in their comfort zone.


  1. It is a powerful and at times intense experience. There are no magic pills here – to really change that one thing you have to be willing to challenge yourself, push your own boundaries and feel discomfort (this is why I offer such a high level of support). Please think hard about this before you apply.


How To Apply

Fill in the form below and I will be in touch within 48 hours. Please be aware that I will not offer you a place if I do not consider that my approach is suitable for you. This offer is subject to availability, and you may be offered a place at a later date.

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