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Other Examples of How Hollowood Films Turn Problems Into Doorways To Positive Change

WARNING: Spoiler alert! 

Films discussed: Despicable Me, Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Bourne Trilogy (starring Matt Damon)

Despicable Me

Apparent Problem: Gru is a super villain whose evilness is challenged by another super villain. Gru must steal the moon to prove he’s the baddest guy in the world.
How this problem helps Gru: 3 orphans get caught up in his evil plans. He grows fond of them, and learns to be a father and be vunerable.

Confessions of A Shopaholic

Apparent Problem: Rebecca Bloomwood is up to her ears in debt and cannot stop spending.
How this problem helps the main character: She has to face her addiction to shopping and take responsibility for her debt in order to pay back her credit card arrears. She grows up.

The Bourne Trilogy, starring Matt Damon

Apparent Problem: Jason Bourne has amnesia and the CIA are trying to kill him. No pressure, then!
How this problem helps the main character: He goes through a lot of inner work to face up to the things he had done in a previous life as an assassin, learns to accept himself and start a new life.

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